How To Start Performing At Live Gigs: The Online Preparation

How To Start Performing At Live Gigs: The Online Preparation

Performing live means to sit in front of a crowd and play your music to the best of your capabilities. While it’s all a good time to live in the moment, taking a few extra steps to include and grow your online profile will only be beneficial to you as a musician, both in the physical and virtual space.

With the digital landscape shaping how audiences discover and consume music, platforms like Spotify provide artists with unprecedented access to a global audience. Artists can showcase their popularity and influence to event organizers and promoters by getting streams on Spotify and building a dedicated fan base. High streaming numbers signal demand and resonate with potential concert-goers, giving artists a competitive edge in booking live performances.

Having a strong online presence shows that people are appealing to your content and promoters would be interested in booking you in for a slot. If you can get yourself a strong fan base by simply recording yourself in the bedroom, even if you haven’t performed any live performances before, you can use this as a pitch to promoters to get interested in having you on. Let’s talk about a few online tricks you can do to get you started performing out there.

Social Media As Your Portfolio: Get Active On Social Media

Get yourself or your band dedicated social media accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Get busy with it! Learn how to grow your account and carry out the steps. Your social media platforms could essentially act as your portfolio where the number of followers would typically be viewed as your number of fans.

With this, you have something to show to promoters on how serious you are as a musician and how your performance or presence could benefit their venue. Some artists would even hire a dedicated social media partner to boost their online presence.

Once you’ve had your first show secured. Have someone be in the crowd to record your whole show. That’s good footage that shouldn’t go to waste. It’s something to let people know that you’re out and about and for promoters to know that you have experience.

Make Promotion A Standard Practice To Prepare For Your Show

Once you’ve secured yourself a booking, of course, you could rely on the event organizers to promote your act. However, you could start doing some promotions of your own (if the organizers allow it). This way, all of your online fans are aware of your upcoming performance and are confident that it’s true as they are hearing it directly from you.

Even if it wasn’t for a live gig, you could start creating promotional material for your music in general. Discover the best ways to conduct your marketing practices and get used to publicizing yourself out there.

When it finally comes down to promoting your live performance, you’re fully equipped and are able to efficiently let everyone interested know that your show is about to go down. Promoters would also love this effort from you and chances are that you will be invited again.

Music Videos: Where Sound And Sight Collide To Translate Live Motion

Here’s a fun one. Create music videos! Music is a listening experience for the most part. Incorporating visual elements such as music videos is a great way to not only express the intention and emotions derived from the songs but also, to draw some attention in the online space.

Treating music videos as your performance style, promoters would be able to have a better understanding of what kind of energy you can bring on to the table. After all, a live performance is a combination of visual and auditory experiences, just like music videos.

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