Julie Bowen shares how Sofia Vergara is handling divorce from Joe Manganiello

Julie Bowen shares how Sofia Vergara is handling divorce from Joe Manganiello

Julie Bowen shares how Sofia Vergara is handling her divorce from Joe Manganiello

Divorces can be tough, especially when they involve high-profile couples like Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. But according to Julie Bowen, Vergara’s Modern Family co-star and close friend, the Colombian beauty is handling her split from Manganiello with grace and resilience. In a recent interview, Bowen shared some insights into how Vergara is coping post-divorce and it seems that she is doing just great! So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the details of how Sofia Vergara is navigating this new chapter in her life.

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When it comes to the details of Sofia Vergara’s divorce from Joe Manganiello, Julie Bowen didn’t hold back in sharing her observations. According to Bowen, Vergara has been focusing on self-care and surrounding herself with loved ones during this challenging time. She emphasized that despite the media attention surrounding their split, Vergara remains steadfast in keeping her personal life private.

Bowen also mentioned that one of the key factors contributing to Vergara’s strength is her unwavering positivity. Despite going through a difficult period, she continues to radiate joy and optimism both on and off-screen. This resilience is truly inspiring and shows just how strong she really is.

In addition, Bowen highlighted how important it is for Vergara to maintain a sense of normalcy amidst all the chaos. Whether it’s spending quality time with her son or pursuing her professional endeavors, she ensures that life goes on despite any challenges she may be facing personally.

It’s clear that Sofia Vergara has a strong support system around her as well. From close friends like Julie Bowen to family members who have stood by her side throughout this journey, they provide much-needed love and encouragement when times get tough.

While divorce can be incredibly difficult for anyone involved, Sofia Vergara seems to be handling it remarkably well. Her focus on self-care, maintaining a positive outlook, finding solace in normalcy, and relying on a supportive network are all contributing factors to how she is navigating through this chapter in her life. We can only admire her strength and wish nothing but happiness moving forward.

Julie Bowen shares how Sofia Vergara is handling divorce from Joe Manganiello

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